Bowen new materials (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001-2015 system certification, has advanced production equipment, the company's products are famous for its high quality, the company's main products are Po Plastic bags, PE plastic bags, PP plastic bags, OPP plastic bags, PPE plastic bags, PVC hanging hook bags. Environmental protection and anti-static industrial packaging bags, fine printing, food bags, clothing factories all kinds of flat hanging, slant hanging bags, post bags, single R, double R, air express parcel bags, shopping bags, advertising bags, self sealing bags, fork ear bags, handbags, hand bags, card head bags, paper bags, non-woven environmental protection bags. Design and plate making on behalf of customers, determined to provide customers with high-quality products. The first-class after-sales service products have passed SGS test and meet the requirements of reach and SVHC of EU, with test report.

Always people-oriented, excellence, customer standards for the highest standard, professional technology, perfect after-sales service, won the trust of the majority of customers. Through the efforts of all levels, the scale structure is growing, with an area of more than 4000 square meters. We have a professional design, film blowing, printing, bag making complete set of production lines, with a variety of high-tech machinery and equipment: Six eight color printing machine, film blowing machine, bag making machine to achieve more than 20 sets, blowing film production average of more than 4 tons per day, and has a number of professional and skilled operation team, strive to speed up delivery, to the customer's requirements for the highest standard of production, to the maximum extent to meet the needs of customers Yes. Not only has a certain production capacity, and advanced machinery and equipment, but also has advanced enterprise management. There are a group of professional technical personnel, detailed division of labor, multiple audit, strict control, first confirmation, then production, special person tracking, to a large extent, reduce the loss of customers. At the same time, there are special personnel responsible for the after-sales service, so that customers are more assured and satisfied.