Basic knowledge of fresh-keeping bags

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PE and PVDC fresh-keeping bags are relatively safe. PE is mainly used for the packaging of fruits, vegetables, etc., and PVDC is mainly used for the packaging of some cooked food, ham, etc. 

Although PVC fresh-keeping bags are widely used in the outer packaging of food and vegetables, they have certain potential harm to the human body. The harm mainly comes from two aspects: one is the residual amount of vinyl chloride monomer in the product (the safety limit of vinyl chloride to the human body is less than 1mg/kg), and the other is the type and content of processing aids used in the process.

There are two substances in PVC with carcinogenic potential, one is VCM (vinyl chloride monomer), the other is DEHA (plasticizer), if the composition of VCM is in the range of 1PPM (one part per million), it is non-toxic , If it exceeds the standard, there is the possibility of carcinogenicity; while the plasticizer will be released at high temperature and be harmful to the human body. Therefore, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2005 strictly prohibited the use of plasticizers by enterprises producing PVC, and prohibited the use of PVC fresh-keeping bags to package meat, cooked food, tofu and other foods that can be eaten directly.

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Choose a fresh-keeping bag

When choosing a fresh-keeping bag, pay attention to the following points:

1.Pay attention to the material marked on the product: polyethylene bags (PE) are widely used in food packaging; polypropylene bags (PP) have high transparency and are mainly used for the packaging of bread, small food, etc.; polyvinyl chloride bags (PVC) can also be used. It is used for the packaging of perishable food such as vegetables and fruits, but it cannot be used for the packaging of greasy food, nor can it be used for heating in microwave ovens.

2. When heating food in a microwave oven, use a fresh-keeping bag with "Microwave Special" (such as Miaojie, Xu Baoxian).

3. Fresh-keeping bags should be used for refrigerated and frozen food in the refrigerator instead of ordinary plastic bags. The special process and raw materials of the fresh-keeping bag or film have good ventilation and fresh-keeping performance, while the ordinary plastic bag will rot and deteriorate if the ordinary plastic bag is used for a long time, and the purpose of fresh-keeping cannot be achieved.

4. It is best to use a colorless and transparent fresh-keeping bag.MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

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