What is a hanger pocket?

2022-11-28 10:44:29 Rowling

What is a hanger pocket?

Hanging pockets are also called oblique hanging bags, clothing hanging bags, suit bags, hotel hanging bags, etc.

Hanging pockets are commonly used for hanging high-end and expensive clothes, and are more common in homes and hotels, among which star-rated hotels mostly provide them for free. Similarly, hanging clothes bags are also used in some large dry cleaners to pack the washed clothes, which is a kind of intention for customers and makes customers feel more intimate.

The hanger pocket has a small opening at the top where the hanger hooks come out for hanging clothes. There is a certain angle of inclination at the shoulders, so it is also called a diagonal hanging bag.

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Hanging bags are mostly made of LDPE (polyethylene) material, or single-sided LDPE, and the other side is made of other materials. After voltage is applied, it is processed into a yin and yang bag style.

The company mainly produces: food packaging bags, anti-oxidation bags, confidential bags, conductive bags, foam bags, bone bags, hanging bags, mesh bags, anti-rust bags, biodegradable bags, PE bags, PO bags, PP bags, OPP bags, CPE bags, etc. all kinds of plastic bags.

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Advantages of clothes storage bags:

The biggest advantage is that it saves space. The size of clothes is different, and it will be troublesome to store them, but it is different with clothes storage bags. It can be hung directly behind the door or in the closet without taking up space at all. Secondly, the clothes storage hanging bag effectively protects the bag from dust damage. Finally, it is to ensure that your beloved clothes will never be deformed.

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