Production process of plastic packaging bags

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Production process of plastic packaging bags

Let me first introduce the material category of plastic packaging bags. Plastic is not a single type. It has many types, such as polypropylene, referred to as PP; polyethylene, referred to as PE; polystyrene, referred to as PS; polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC; polyparaphenylene Ethylene glycol diformate, referred to as PE, and many other plastics. Because the chemical composition is different, the functions are also different, and the specific differences will not be elaborated. The reason for specifying the type of material is because when the material is processed such as material cutting, film blowing, and hot cutting, it is necessary to pay attention to the different blending ratios of different plastics, the speed, strength, and processing temperature of film blowing.

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Production of plastic packaging bags

First of all: open the material, how many KG packaging bags to make are called multiple raw materials, these are calculated by formulas, first calculate the weight of each bag according to the specifications of the packaging bags to be produced, and then multiply by the quantity to get the weight of the finished product , and record the consumption at the beginning and the consumption at the end, so the weight ratio of the cutting material will be more than the ratio of the finished product. Some require other additives and need to be deployed at the same time.

The second step is melt blown film. The melt blown film is integrated. The blown film machine has the function of melting material, and then blows it out evenly through the fan. Blowing film is the key to making bags. Blowing film determines the opening width of the bag and The thickness of the bag, the opening width of some plastic packaging bags is controlled by the size of the water circle, while others are controlled by the size of the airflow, and the thickness is determined by the speed of the blowing. Thin.

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There will be changes from the third step, because some of the environmentally friendly packaging bags ordered by the customer need to be printed and some do not. If printing is required, then the third step is printing. When it comes to printing, there are many kinds of printing, but our company only has two types of printing. Generally, there are two types of printing packaging bags, namely offset printing and copper plate printing. It is conceivable that the effect of copper plate printing will be much more beautiful than offset printing. Of course Offset printing is not bad either.

The fourth step depends on the situation of the third step, because the printing has single-sided printing and double-sided printing. For example, our customer has a double-sided printing bag with OPP card head, which has eight colors of printing. Because this bag is double-sided printed and has a card head, there will be an extra process after printing: folding material.

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Step 5: Cutting the bag. There are two types of bag cutting: cold cutting and hot cutting. Cold cutting means cutting the mouth and not sealing it, and hot cutting means sealing and cutting the bag. If the customer wants no printing, skip to this step directly.

Step 6: Steps 6 and 5 are carried out at the same time, that is, sorting and packing. During the bag cutting process, the bags that have been made can be counted, stacked and packed for shipment.

Step 7: That is delivery, notify the customer to confirm receipt!

The above belongs to the editor's analysis of the entire plastic packaging bag production process of our company. for reference only!

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