Features of coffee packaging

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Features of coffee packaging

Coffee bags are packaging products for storing coffee.

Roasted coffee bean (powder) packaging is the most diverse form of coffee packaging. Because coffee beans will naturally produce carbon dioxide after roasting, direct packaging is easy to cause damage to the packaging, and prolonged exposure to air will cause aroma loss and lead to oil and aroma in coffee. Oxidation of components causes quality degradation. Therefore, the packaging of coffee beans (powder) is particularly important.

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Packaging classification

There are many types of coffee packaging and various materials. Don't think that coffee packaging is the colorful little bags you usually see. In fact, the world of coffee packaging is very exciting. The following is a brief introduction to the knowledge of coffee packaging.

Ethiopian Malar Coffee Packaging

Ethiopian Malar Coffee Packaging

According to the coffee supply form, coffee packaging can be basically divided into three categories, green bean export packaging, roasted coffee bean (powder) packaging, and instant coffee packaging.

Roasted coffee beans (powder) packaging

Generally divided into bags and cans.


Bags are generally divided into: non-airtight packaging, vacuum packaging, one-way valve packaging, pressurized packaging.

Non-airtight packaging:

In fact, it is a kind of temporary packaging, which is only used for short-term storage.

Vacuum packing:

The roasted coffee beans need to be stored for a period of time before packaging to prevent carbon dioxide from damaging the packaging. Such packaging can generally be stored for about 10 weeks.

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Check valve packaging:

Adding a one-way valve on the packaging bag allows the carbon dioxide produced to be discharged but prevents the entry of external air, ensuring that the coffee beans are not oxidized but cannot prevent the loss of aroma. These packages can be stored for up to 6 months. There are also some coffees that are packaged with vent holes, that is, only vent holes are made on the packaging bag without installing a one-way valve, so that once the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee beans is emptied, the outside air will enter the bag and cause oxidation, so its storage Time is greatly reduced.

Pressurized packaging:

After the coffee beans are roasted, they are vacuum-packed and then filled with inert gas to seal. This type of packaging can ensure that the coffee beans will not be oxidized, the aroma will not be lost, and the strength is sufficient to ensure that the packaging will not be damaged by air pressure. It can be stored for up to two years.

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Cans are generally metal and glass, and are equipped with plastic lids for easy airtightness.

instant coffee packaging

The packaging of instant coffee is relatively simple. Generally, small sealed packaging bags are used, mainly in long strips, and an outer packaging box is also available. Of course, there are also some canned instant coffee supplies on the market.

Different types of coffee packaging have different materials. Generally, the export packaging material of green beans is relatively simple, that is, ordinary sack material. There are no special material requirements for instant coffee packaging, basically using general food packaging materials. The packaging of coffee beans (powder) generally uses opaque plastic composite materials and more environmentally friendly kraft paper composite materials due to the requirements of anti-oxidation.

Packaging color

The color of coffee packaging also has certain rules. According to the practice formed in the industry, the color of finished coffee packaging reflects the characteristics of coffee to a certain extent:

Red packaged coffee generally has a strong taste, which can quickly wake up the drinker from the good dream of last night;

The black packaged coffee belongs to high-quality small fruit coffee;

Coffee in golden packaging symbolizes wealth and honor, indicating that it is the best coffee;

Coffee in blue packaging is generally "decaffeinated" coffee.

Coffee is one of the three major soft drinks in the world and the second largest traded product in the world after petroleum, its popularity is evident. And the coffee culture contained in its packaging is also very attractive because of its long-term accumulation.

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