What is the reason for the color fading of clothing zipper bag printing

2022-12-12 10:00:11 Kristal

The production process of clothing zipper bags is roughly divided into four parts: film blowing, printing, buttoning, and bag cutting. 

Blown film Put the corresponding raw materials into the blown film machine. 

After the plastic film is formed, it goes directly to the printing process. 

Workers first make copper plates according to the patterns that have been designed by the computer in advance. 

Then engrave the printed content on the plate and install the plate on the printing machine, and then print the pattern on the packaging bag by pressing. 

Finally, cut the bag according to the shape and size required by the customer in advance.

Since the production process of most clothing zipper bags is similar, which process has a problem that causes the pattern of the clothing zipper bag to fade? 

The color fading of the printed pattern of the clothing zipper bag mainly comes from three aspects. 

First, the quality of the material of the clothing zipper bag is not good; 

Secondly, carry out corona treatment;

Moreover, the quality of the ink used for printing also affects the coloring situation.

These three situations are the main reasons for the color fading of the printing of clothing zipper bags.

To solve this problem, customers should not use clothing zipper bags made of inferior materials, but should appropriately increase the budget for custom-made clothing zipper bags and use brand-new materials to make them. 

When choosing a clothing zipper bag manufacturer, you must choose a qualified manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry. 

Samples are available before mass production.

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