How many kinds of plastic bags are there? What are the industrial uses?

2022-12-14 10:13:50 Roro

Different plastic bags can meet different needs. How many kinds of plastic bags are there? What are the industrial uses?

Backbag: It is shaped like a vest worn by people. It is called a vest bag, also known as vest bag, convenient bag, etc. Mainly used in supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, convenience stores, wholesale markets, grocery stores, etc. Generally, PO is used as the main production material, which is simple to manufacture and widely used.

Handbag: also known as handbag, shopping bag and advertising gift bag. Generally, it is a plastic bag made of PO(HDPE high density polyethylene) or PE(LDPE low density polyethylene). Both materials are non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic and safe. Commonly used in clothing, gifts, jewelry, stationery and other industries, the shape design is fashionable, convenient and beautiful, and deeply loved by users.

Flat pocket: Generally used for industrial packaging, it is also made into Yuan-line bag (R-bag) because of different sealing methods. This is one of the custom-made plastic bags made by the plastic bag factory, and it is also one of the plastic bags with larger usage.

Self-adhesive bag: also known as adhesive bag and self-adhesive plastic bag. Mainly used in stationery, jewelry, food and other industries. OPP and PE are used as the main production materials, and the printing effect of self-adhesive bags is very good, so it is suitable for processing into beautiful outer packaging of products. The products are transparent, which is the most transparent among plastic bags. The products are fragile, not tough enough, easy to tear, bulky or heavy. Generally, environmental protection edges are added to prevent cracking.

Card head bag: also called mother bag. Generally, it is divided into two parts, one is the bag and the other is the card head, which is equivalent to an "advertising space" used to publicize or attract consumers' desire to buy. OPP and PE are used as the main raw materials, product characteristics and principle of self-sealing bag.

Bone bag: Good tightness, acid and alkali resistance and non-toxicity. Dust-proof, moisture-proof and leakage-proof. Hardware, jewelry, electronics, medicine, supermarkets, snack shops, tea, stationery, toys, printing, leather goods and other industries. Bagging food with PE bone can prevent food and medicinal materials that are afraid of moisture from softening, keep the essential taste, and can also be used to hold tea.

Hook bag: It is divided into oblique hanging bag and flat hanging bag. It is commonly used in clothing industry, such as clothing stores and dry cleaners of major brands. It is sleeved outside suits, jackets and other clothes, and its main function is to prevent dust, dust and water.

Bubble: made of low density polyethylene, it is a widely used transparent flexible packaging material with a wide range of applications. Because the middle layer of plastic film is filled with air, light, elastic, sound-proof, heat-proof, shockproof, abrasion-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and pressure-resistant. Used in multi-product transportation.

Square bag: Also known as square bottom bag, generally LDPE (high pressure and low density) and LLDPE (linear and low density) are blown out by a film blowing machine, and then made into plastic packaging bags. The material feels soft and the thickness can be freely adjusted. According to the production process, it can be divided into flat pocket, hemmed bag and square bottom bag. According to whether printing can be divided into blank bags and printed bags; According to whether it is antistatic or not, it can be divided into ordinary and antistatic.

Courier bags: including courier plastic bags, courier bubble bags, courier bone bags, etc. At present, there are two types commonly used in the market: first, new express bags (SF Express bags, FedEx bags, ZJS bags, etc.), and second, recycled express bags (mostly used by small express companies).

Shrink bag: also called shrink wrap. Common in food stalls, restaurants, restaurants and other places. It has high transparency, shrinkage and heat sealing performance. With the characteristics of good toughness, antistatic and cold resistance, it is a kind of nontoxic, safe and reliable soft shrink film, which is used in many fields and one of the most common plastic bags in our life.

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