What material is the CPE bag? Is the material of the CPE bag LDPE?

2022-09-15 16:50:28 Roro

The answer is that the raw material of the CPE frosted bag is LDPE. 

So why is the texture of CPE film and PE film completely different? The reason is that the CPE film is produced by a cast film process, while the ordinary PE bag is produced by a blown film process.

Plastic bags made of CPE have a frosted texture and appear milky white and translucent, and are often used to make zipper bags for clothing and flat pockets for electronic products.

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Compared with other plastic bags, CPE bags are softer and more elastic. Internal dust-proof packaging.

Of course, because of its unique texture, it is also widely used in the packaging bags of many high-end clothing brands, usually plastic zipper bags with two sides of CPE or one side of CPE frosted and one side of PE transparent.

Why is the clothing zipper bag made of frosted CPE?

The reason why some clothing brands choose to use one side of CPE frosted material and one side of PE transparent is that the frosting is used as the bottom, because it is translucent, which can better bring out the texture, appearance, color, etc. of the products displayed by the PE transparent surface. The texture also enhances the image of the brand.

CPE zipper bag:

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