Color classification and function of medical garbage bags

2022-09-15 16:44:39 Monica

The disposal of medical waste is very important and cannot be separated from medical waste bags. Next, Bowen New Materials (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce the color classification and functions of medical garbage bags to netizens in need, hoping to help netizens in need!

Medical waste refers to the polluted waste produced by hospitals after they come into contact with the blood and body of patients. Such as used cotton balls, gauze, tape, waste water, disposable medical equipment, post-operative waste, expired medicines, etc. According to the medical inspection report of the national health department, due to the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and potential pollution of medical waste, the harmfulness of viruses and germs is dozens, hundreds or even thousands of times that of ordinary domestic waste. If not handled properly, it will cause serious pollution to the environment and may become the source of epidemics. Therefore, we need to use different colored medical waste bags to dispose of these wastes.

Color classification and functions of medical garbage bags.

One, yellow.

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSMedical waste bags are yellow and contain medical waste. The hospital has established a strict system for classifying and collecting filth. All wastes are put into garbage bags marked with corresponding colors, and when they are 3/4 full, full-time recycling personnel are responsible for sealing and transporting them.

If citizens look closely at medical institutions, they will also find garbage bags of different colors. Among them, black is ordinary household waste, and yellow is specially used to place medical waste.

Two, orange.

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSOrange is filled with infectious textiles, such as bed sheets and quilts used by infectious patients. In addition, sharp weapon medical waste is stored in designated sharp weapon containers with medical waste markings and warning signs printed on the outside of the container. When the amount of medical waste contained reaches 3/4 of the package or container, use an effective sealing method to seal the package or container tightly. Infectious waste, pathological waste and damaging waste placed in packaging or containers shall not be taken out again.

Medical waste bags mainly contain non-recyclable items, such as medical devices and utensils, or disposable or discarded items. For example, used medical supplies such as infusion tubes, disposable syringes, cotton swabs, and orange-red medical waste bags are used for radioactive waste.


Of course, the place where medical waste bags are used is in some hospitals. Medical garbage bags are generally printed with obvious medical use signs on the bags, which can make people directly and clearly distinguish different bags and classify garbage.