Medical Sterilization Packaging Bag

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Medical sterilization packaging bags are single-use packaging to preserve items during the sterilization process. It is used in sterilizers to allow the sanitizer to penetrate items placed inside. Sterilization bags preserve the sterility of sterilized items. Sterilization bags vary according to the size, weight and sterilization process of the items.

What are the components of a medical sterilization bag?

Medical sterilization packaging bags are made of two main components: paper and composite film, which are heat-sealed or glued together with adhesive tape. Medical grade paper or Tyvek® is used for the paper portion of the sterilization pouch.

Laminated films are made from clear polypropylene/polyester laminates for medical grade paper and polyethylene/polyester laminates for Tyvek®. The plastic side of the bag enables clear visualization of items inside and chemical indicators on the edge of the bag.

One side of the paper is designed to allow penetrating sterilant and air removal. Medical grade paper for steam, ethylene oxide or formaldehyde gas sterilization. Tyvek® is used for EO and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) sterilization, also known as plasma sterilization. Besides Tyvek® is also used in alternative sterilization methods such as ozone, gamma sterilization etc.

The chemical indicators on the edge of the sterilization bag are category 1 indicators, which are used to measure whether the sterilization parameters (which can be steam or chemical gas exposure) are met. The chemical indicator changes color if the sterilization parameters are met.

How to choose a suitable sterilization bag?

It is recommended to pack light weight items in sterile bags. Bags should be sized appropriately to hold the item being packaged and provide the correct type of built-in chemical indicator. Sterilization bags must allow penetration of the sterilant, which can be chemical gas, heat, steam or steam. Proper pouch size is important. The item cannot force seams and risk perforated pockets.

Sterilization flat roll bag or sterilization three-dimensional roll bag is the first choice for users, and various sizes are available. Because the sterilized roll can be cut to the desired length. So the bag cut from the sterilized roll is open at both ends. The user will heat seal one end, then place the item in the pouch, and then heat seal the other end.

Medical grade dialysis paper used for sterilization bags should have a basis weight of 60-70 gsm. Medical paper is porous to allow sterilant to enter and exit the pouch through the paper side and must ensure that the pores close during the drying process to maintain the sterility of the pouch contents.

How to pack items in sterilization bags?

Items should be placed at a distance of at least 2 cm from all sides of the bag. Items should fill up to 70% of the bag volume. Hinged instruments should be placed in an open position. Curved instruments should be placed with the bent portion facing the plastic side of the bag to prevent piercing the paper side. For pointed objects, an instrument protector is recommended to avoid puncturing the pouch.

The sterilization bag is either self-sealing or manually heat-sealed, and the excess air in the bag should be removed before closing and sealing.

How do I load the bag into the sterilizer?

Bags can be placed flat on a shelf or on the edge of a shelf facing the same direction alternating paper to plastic to allow for circulation and penetration of the sterilant.

After steam sterilization, do not touch the autoclave bag until it is completely dry to prevent tearing.

How long is the shelf life of processing bags?

The treated sterilization bags should be stored below room temperature (240) and in an environment with humidity not exceeding 70%. The shelf life of treated sterilization bags is event-related, which means that the items will remain sterile unless the bag is not wet, torn, soiled or damaged. Keep in mind that the manufacturer also provides a shelf life and expiration date for the pouch. Medical sterilization bags are the process of keeping items sterile for 6 months.

Can the disinfection bag be reused?

Sterilization bags are single-use products and should not be reused. Damaged bags should not be used for sterilization.

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