What is an organ bag? What are the advantages of organ bags?

2023-01-11 10:31:35 Roro

The organ bag is formed by folding the edges of the two sides of the ordinary flat bag into the bag body. The bag with an oval opening is folded into a rectangular opening. It is closed, so this bag is named organ bag.

Everyone now knows that the organ bag is modified from a flat pocket, that is to say, the style has been changed while ensuring the capacity. The advantages of the organ bag are as follows:

A. Reduced floor space. The two sides of the original flat bag are folded inward to reduce the exposure of the two sides, thereby reducing the space occupied by the packaging bag.

B. Beautiful packaging. The flat bag has been modified to change the original oval bag opening into a rectangular shape, that is, saturated and filled, which is close to a cuboid shape.

C. The printing content is much richer than that of flat bags. You can dye the bag body of the organ bag in red, blue, black, green, yellow, etc., and then print various exquisite patterns on it, which can be printed on the organ bag. Punch a tote hole in the opening so the organ tote is formed!

Changing flat pockets to organ bags not only has the above advantages, but also changes the shape, increases consumers' curiosity, and promotes the attraction and purchase desire of packaging bags to consumers from another aspect.

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