Not all food packaging bags can be used to hold food

2023-02-09 09:40:19 Roro

Not all food packaging bags can be used to hold food, among which polyvinyl chloride plastic is a toxic variety; Dioctyl phthalate, so the food packaging bags produced are toxic.

In addition, some plastic bag products have added stabilizers, and these added stabilizers are mainly lead stearate. The food packaging bags produced in this way are toxic. 

This lead salt is easily precipitated, and once it enters the human body, it will cause Accumulative lead poisoning, so special food bags should be used when packing food, and must not be used indiscriminately. 

In particular, the food packaging bags produced in the following situations should be clearly distinguished.

Food packaging bag:

1. Lead will be precipitated when polyvinyl chloride products are in contact with solvents such as ethyl alcohol and ether, so it is very inappropriate to store alcohol-containing foods with polyvinyl chloride plastic products;

2. When polyvinyl chloride encounters oily food, lead will dissolve into the food, so it is not suitable for packaging oily food.

3. When the temperature of polyvinyl chloride plastic is higher than 50°C, HC will slowly precipitate out, and this gas is harmful to human health.

4. Recycled products of waste plastics inevitably contain toxic components due to the complexity of raw material sources, and cannot be used as raw materials for food packaging bags.

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