The importance of green packaging design

2023-02-13 11:26:43 Kristal

In recent years, with the process of global industrialization and the rapid increase of packaging in the world, commodity packaging forms a large market so that packaging materials have a broad space for development, paper, plastic, metal, glass, and many other materials are widely used in a variety of packaging, in the convenience and benefits for people at the same time, most of the packaging materials are often arbitrarily discarded, but also to cause serious harm to the environment of human survival, Environmental protection has become an issue of great concern to people.

In economically developed countries, the use of consumer goods with environmental protection functions has become more and more a conscious act of people and is closely linked to environmental protection, modern commodities in packaging must consider the impact of goods on the environment, advocate green packaging, is a trend under this concept. The vigorous development of green packaging materials and extensive development of green packaging is of particular importance, become the inevitable choice for the development of packaging in the world, and will become an inevitable trend in the development of the packaging industry

First, the needs of the international market

According to the data provided by the United Nations Statistics Department, 90% of Americans, 89% of Germans, and 84% of Dutch people will consider the environmental standards of products when purchasing goods. Therefore, respecting people's psychology of protecting the ecological environment and returning to nature, and not including ecologically destructive ingredients in packaging, is a major issue that must be taken into account in modern packaging. It is this increased awareness of environmental protection and health that has made green trade the trend of foreign trade in the world today. In addition, the growing concern for the environment has given rise to a new generation of consumers, known as green consumers, who will consider the environmental impact of their products.

Second, the need for resources and environmental protection

As an indispensable component of modern commodity production, packaging is integrated into the development, design, and production of all kinds of commodities, which brings convenience and comfort to people's lives, but seriously ignores the pollution and waste left behind after use, because any product and activity cannot be separated from the environment. The rapid development of the packaging industry in promoting the steady and healthy development of the national economy at the same time, due to excessive packaging and packaging waste has also led to a series of environmental problems.

Third, the development trend of green packaging

The first and foremost work of promoting green packaging is green packaging design, which directly affects the packaging method, the selection and use of packaging materials, and the treatment of packaging waste. Green packaging design is to ensure that the product function under the premise of finding the best fit, and strive to make the design and use of product packaging more reasonable, in the original intention of product packaging design, packaging design should be to ensure that the function of the material used to minimize, as far as possible to eliminate unnecessary decoration and excess packaging, and promote simple packaging, in order to save resources, maximize the protection of natural resources, the minimum The amount of waste generated, to minimize the pollution of the environment.


With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the green packaging of commodities fully reflects the coordination of environmental protection and economic development, the ideological strategy of sustainable development, and the protection of the environment, the development of green packaging is an irreversible development trend, but also a complex system engineering, the use of green packaging materials and effective recycling is a very important part of it, only let the development and application of packaging materials and The 21st century will be a green century, and green packaging will bring us a new and pollution-free green world.

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