The Role of Cling Film

2022-09-20 15:06:35 Kristal

1. Clean oily kitchen windows and walls

First, spray the cleaning agent on the oil stains, and then stick the plastic wrap flat on it. Use the characteristics of the plastic wrap to preserve water, so that the cleaning agent does not f

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low and does not volatilize. After 30 minutes, the oil stains will be soaked. Open the plastic wrap, Knead the plastic wrap into a ball, wipe it back and forth easily, and then wipe it with a dry newspaper and it will be very clean. You can also wipe it again with a clean cloth.

2. Protect the wall next to the stove

During holidays or when more guests are cooking at home, oil splashes are inevitable. Remember to wipe the wall next to the stove with a damp rag before cooking, and then stick the plastic wrap. After cooking, remove it easily. , clean, free from the pain of scrubbing the walls, and can also reduce the use of detergent.

3. Protect the range hood

Wipe the surface of the range hood clean, cover it with plastic wrap, and replace it every once in a while, so as to avoid wiping the upper wall of the range hood.

4. Help the cutting board to be thoroughly sterilized

Dilute in kitchen bleach to the specified concentration, spread on a cutting board, and seal with plastic wrap. After standing for 30 minutes, rinse with water to complete sterilization. Use plastic wrap to cover cracks or recesses that allow bleach to penetrate the surface of the cutting board to improve the sterilization effect.

5. Keep data

Wrap the more important paper materials in the family, such as graduation certificates, with plastic wrap, press down the air, reduce the volume, and make it difficult to oxidize and turn yellow, and the transparent plastic wrap is clear at a glance and easy to find. You can also roll up the single information, such as awards, group graduation photos, etc., tightly, stuff it into the core of plastic wrap, and then wrap it with plastic wrap.

6. Easy to grind

Put the things you need to grind, such as sesame seeds, into the plastic wrap, put it on a hard surface, and then roll it with a bottle, you can easily get the powder you need.

7. Save utensils that are not often used

Cutlery or spoons and forks that are rarely used at ordinary times can be wrapped in plastic wrap, which does not take up space and keeps them clean to prevent shock damage.

8. Convenient for a picnic

When having a picnic, put the plastic wrap on the tableware and take it off one by one after eating, so that it is no-wash and clean.

9. Care for dry skin

When winter comes, sometimes the heels will be chapped. You can put cotton socks on after applying the moisturizing lotion to nourish the skin. Of course, there is a more effective method. After bathing, apply lotion to the heels, stick a small piece of plastic wrap, and put on Socks, the heel skin will become moisturised the next day. Of course, dry skin on other parts of the body can also be treated in the same way.

10. Hair care

After shampooing, apply nourishing hair mask evenly on the hair, avoid the root area, and wrap the hair with plastic wrap, which is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients. Wash off after 10 minutes and your hair will be soft and shiny.

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11. Lip care

Before going to bed, do lip exfoliation maintenance, first apply hot lip balm for a few minutes, apply a layer of lip balm or Vaseline, etc., then cover the lips with plastic wrap, and then apply a hot towel to have pink lips.

12. Treat burns

Potatoes have anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and pain-relieving properties. Grind the peeled potatoes into a puree, remove the moisture and apply it on the wound, wrap it with plastic wrap to prevent the evaporation of moisture, and complete the emergency treatment.

13. Steamed egg custard

When steaming the egg custard, after adding water to the bowl, skim off the foam on the top, and then cover the bowl with a layer of plastic wrap. The steamed egg custard will have no pores, and the surface is smooth and the taste is delicate.

14. Hot steamed buns

Steamed buns that are heated in the microwave are generally hard. You can add some water to the plate first, cover it with food-grade heatable plastic wrap, and then put the steamed buns on the plastic wrap to heat, and the hot steamed buns will become soft and delicious.

15. Hot Rice

When heating leftover rice in the microwave, you can add some water to the bowl first, cover it with food-grade heatable plastic wrap, and the hot rice will be soft and delicious.

16. Clean the glass

No matter how the glass at home is brushed, it will leave scale after drying, which is obviously very opaque. The use of plastic wrap can solve this problem. Take a piece of clean plastic wrap, wrap it around your hand, and use it to wipe the glass, and the glass will be clear and clean.

17. Clean the lunch box

Plastic lunch boxes stained with oil are not easy to clean. If you encounter this problem again in the future, just wipe it with a piece of plastic wrap, and the oil stains that cannot be washed off are easily wiped off.

18. Degreasing

Put the plastic wrap in the oil box of the range hood, so when there is oil, just take it out and throw it away.

19. Dustproof

In winter, the electric fan can be wrapped in plastic wrap when not in use, and can be used directly in summer, eliminating the trouble of cleaning.

20. The socket is oil-proof

The socket in the kitchen can be sealed with plastic wrap when it is not in use, so that the oil will not contaminate it, and the plastic wrap can be removed directly when it is used.

21. Keep the top of the refrigerator clean

Put a layer of plastic wrap on the top of the refrigerator and change it after a while to keep the top of the refrigerator clean and save you wiping it every day.

22. Skin care

When making the mask, you can apply the mask on the face and then stick a layer of plastic wrap to enhance the absorption of the face.

23. Protect the keyboard

Cling film is the best keyboard protector, which can protect the notebook computer from severe wear and tear on the keyboard due to the lack of film.

24. Remote control cover

The remote control of electrical appliances is easy to get dirty. Wrap the remote control with plastic wrap and blow it tightly with a hair dryer to make a good dress for the remote control.

25. When the rag

Don't throw away the used plastic wrap right away. It can be rolled into a ball and used to wipe the inner wall of the pool. If the stains on the inner wall of the pool are stubborn, you can put a little detergent or detergent to make the pool brighter easily. And clean.

26. Protect the camera

Wrap the camera in plastic wrap so you are not afraid of raindrops on rainy days.

27. Anti-slip

There is generally a small carpet at the door of the bathroom. Put a piece of plastic wrap under the small carpet to prevent slipping.

28. Eliminate labels

Labels attached directly to the glass of the car are difficult to remove over time. Try using plastic wrap. First cut a small piece of plastic wrap, use its electrostatic adsorption function, stick it directly on the glass, smooth the air bubbles inside with your hands, then stick the logo on the top of the plastic wrap, and then gently tear it off.

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