What are the advantages of bone stick bags in preserving food

2023-02-24 16:39:26 Roro

Store medicines, tea, etc. that are prone to odor. Scattered in the medicine box, the medicines that are easy to volatilize and have odors (musk pain relief ointment, safflower oil, etc.) must be hygienic, but bandages and adhesive plasters that are easy to stick to dirt should be sealed and stored in bone-pasting bags respectively. It can guarantee the drug effect for a long time and prevent pollution.

1. Put silver jewelry; silver jewelry is very beautiful, but it is easy to oxidize and turn black. Put the cleaned silver jewelry into the bone bag and seal it, so it will still look like new the next time you wear it.

2. Put the swimsuit, wet towel, etc. After swimming, replace the wet swimsuit and put it directly into the bone-fitting bag, seal it, and then put it in the bag to take away. It completely solves the inconvenience of holding a wet swimsuit in your hand, and the worry of getting other items wet when you put it in an ordinary plastic bag.

Prevent several thread balls from getting tangled together when knitting a sweater. When it is necessary to use several strands at the same time, they can be put in a bone-pasting bag, with several small holes pierced in the bag, and the threads are pulled out from different small holes, so that several strands of thread will not be entangled. Dust and dirt will not be adsorbed on the woolen yarn, and the thread ball will not be soiled again.

3. Before storing leather shoes and cotton fur shoes, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth, dry them, apply shoe polish, polish them, put them in a large dense bag and seal them, which can prevent the leather shoes from drying out, deforming, deteriorating and mildewing. This method also works for other footwear collections.

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