Environmentally friendly degradable plastics have become a trend

2023-03-02 10:43:04 Roro

In order to protect the earth and protect the common homeland of mankind, restricting and banning plastic has become a trend, and more and more countries have begun to pay attention to environmental protection.

Spain, which is in the European Union, has begun to tax pollution. This year, it will impose an "environmental tax" of 0.45 euros per kilogram on disposable non-recyclable plastic products. In my country, the Ministry of Commerce has made it clear that e-commerce companies in key areas must gradually stop using non-degradable plastic packaging bags.

At the same time, degradable packaging bags are also strongly encouraged to be used in all walks of life. Today, I will take you to understand some knowledge about degradable packaging.

Degradable plastic bags, as the name suggests, are made of degradable materials. The raw materials of these materials are sufficient and renewable, mainly organic plant starch such as corn.

PLA/PBAT biodegradable packaging:

Biodegradable plastic bags can eventually be decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and minerals that are harmless to nature by biological methods in special environments such as soil and high temperature and humidity. It is equivalent to originating from nature and returning to nature, realizing the regeneration cycle in nature.

As for the decomposition speed, it takes only 72 days for the environmental protection plastic bags used in the Olympic Games to decompose relatively quickly, and the slowest is about 1 year to achieve complete degradation. For details, please refer to an article on compost degradation on the Chengtai Packaging website, and for details, please refer to "What is the difference between industrial composting and household composting?" ".

The decomposition speed of traditional plastic bags is very different. It takes hundreds or even thousands of years to completely degrade. This is the biggest difference between the two. Therefore, more and more people are calling for the use of degradable plastic bags to replace traditional plastic bags.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has clearly issued a document that, starting from 2022, it is prohibited to provide disposable non-degradable plastic bags, disposable non-degradable plastics, straws, and stirrers in relevant areas of airports with an annual passenger throughput of 2 million (inclusive) or more and domestic passenger flights. Sticks, Meal/Cupware, Packaging Bags, etc. This means that more and more degradable plastic bags will enter the domestic passenger aviation area.

At present, degradable plastic bags are mainly used in supermarket shopping bags, logistics express packaging, disposable degradable tableware, pet poop bags and food packaging and other fields. I believe that in the future, the scope of application will become wider and wider, and it can eventually replace all traditional plastic bags.

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