A brief introduction to the characteristics of common materials in plastic bags

2023-03-02 11:03:52 Roro

Common composite bag raw materials.

1. Pure aluminum (Aluminum) is referred to as AL, also known as aluminum foil. The usual thickness of the packaging bag is 0.007mm, and it is made of pure aluminum. Because it is an all-metal material, it is easy to oxidize. It must be sealed and shaded during storage. When making pure aluminum packaging bags, it must also be laminated on both sides of the pure aluminum to prevent oxidation. and contact with the outside world. Because of its metal properties, it has excellent insulation, shielding and light-shielding properties. It is often used in food vacuum bags and retort bags that are afraid of light and odor. very broad.

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2. Paper, there are kraft paper, coated paper, coated paper, white cotton paper, Yunlong paper, etc., among which paper is divided into white and yellow, and different types have their unique characteristics.

For example, Yunlong paper has a lot of fiber patterns in papermaking, and is often used for packaging of high-end gifts, tea, etc. Laminated paper is a layer of PE film pre-coated on kraft paper, so after the factory purchases it, it can be directly used for bag making , common in food packaging such as biscuits and roasted chicken legs; and kraft paper, because of its classical and simple appearance, is often used in compound bag packaging such as tea and dried fruits.

Compared with other plastic materials, paper has a more high-end appearance. Paper can be used as surface printing materials in composite packaging bags, that is, it can be printed directly on paper or composited on the middle layer, and the surface can be composited. A layer of matte film, the inner layer is plated with aluminum and PE, or pure aluminum + PE, so that it has high-end and functional uses such as paper, and is one of the most common packaging bag materials.

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