Custom Food Packaging Bags

2023-03-09 15:17:38 Roro

Nowadays, due to the plastic restriction order issued by the country and the increasing calls for health and environmental protection, green and environmentally friendly paper packaging is widely used in people's daily life again. For example, in the application of food-grade paper packaging, food packaging bags are widely used, ranging from oil-proof paper bags and snack bags at food stalls to large food packaging, paper pads, and takeaway bags such as McDonald's and KFC. Moreover, from the traditional style with a single color in the past to the present with various styles and exquisite printing. So, what kind of paper is used to customize the food paper packaging used in the food market?

When customizing food packaging bags, there are many types of paper that can be used, and there are four types that are often used: kraft paper, coated paper, white cardboard, and offset paper. Different types of paper have different toughness, smoothness and aesthetics. When customizing paper bags, food packaging bag manufacturers will compare and choose according to the purpose of paper bags and the characteristics of different papers to meet customer needs. Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of these four commonly used papers for making bags.

1. Kraft paper: It is made of coniferous wood sulfate natural color paste, which is strong, usually yellowish brown, and also light brown, cream or white. The thickness is between 80 grams and 120 grams. Kraft paper has high tensile strength, and there are single light, double light, stripes, no lines, etc. It is mainly used to make environmentally friendly portable paper bags for supermarkets, food takeaway paper bags, packaging paper bags for chestnuts and other dried fruits, envelope bags, file bags, medical record bags, etc.

2. White cardboard: single-layer or multi-layer combination made of bleached chemical pulp and fully sized. White cardboard has a smooth surface and firm texture. At present, imported white cardboard accounts for a large market share in the domestic market. White cardboard is mainly used to make high-end and exquisite handbags, packaging bags, gift boxes, business cards, etc.

3. Coated paper: the main raw materials are coated base paper and coating. Pigments, adhesives and auxiliary materials are made into coatings, which are coated on the surface of cardboard by special equipment, dried and calendered. The surface is smooth and clean, and the printing performance is good. The thickness is 70-250 grams. It is mostly used in cigarette boxes. Labels, cartons, etc.

4. Offset paper: The paper surface is white and smooth, but the whiteness, tightness, and smoothness are lower than those of coated paper. It is suitable for printing single-color or multi-color book covers, texts, inserts, pictorials, maps, posters, and color trademarks. And various packaging products, in recent years, it is also used to make packaging bags for dried fruits such as chestnuts with low requirements.

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