What are the benefits of choosing aluminum foil for coffee bean packaging bags?

2022-09-19 14:45:11 Kristal

Most modern people like to drink coffee under work pressure. When you open the coffee bean packaging bag, there will be a layer of silver film on the inner layer. There will also be a white valve in the coffee bean packaging bag. Many people will definitely want to know what role these two play. ?

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1. The silver film is a material similar to tin foil, which we professionally call: aluminum foil. The main characteristics of aluminum foil: good moisture resistance, good light protection, good barrier properties, can keep the aroma and oxidation of coffee beans, and prevent coffee beans from coming into contact with light.

2. The white valve, we professionally call it: one-way exhaust valve. The roasted coffee beans will naturally emit carbon dioxide. If they stay in the package, the quality of the coffee beans will be affected. The function of this one-way exhaust valve is to The carbon dioxide in the coffee beans is discharged out of the packaging bag, so that the quality of the coffee beans is not damaged.

Aluminum foil plus one-way exhaust valve can better prevent air from entering, so that coffee beans can keep fresh and original flavor, so coffee bean packaging bags must be aluminum foil packaging bags with one-way exhaust valve.