Cat Food Bags---Chapter 1

2022-09-20 15:19:06 Monica


Cat food, also known as cat food, is a general term for the food that pet cats eat. Cat food can exercise and clean your cat's teeth, and it has some oral health benefits. High-quality cat food generally pays attention to nutritional balance, which can ensure the cat's daily needs for high protein and trace elements.

Cat food is generally easy to store, easy to use, greatly saves pet feeding time, and caters to a fast-paced lifestyle. There are many brands of cat food on the market, and the price ranges from a few yuan per catty to hundreds of yuan per catty. Cat friends can choose cat food at the right price according to their own economic conditions, which is convenient and economical.

Features of cat food:

Cat food is economical, convenient, and relatively comprehensive in nutrition. Cat food can be roughly divided into three types: dry, canned, and half-cooked. Dry cat food is a comprehensive food containing essential nutrients, rich in taste, and can also play a certain role in cleaning and protecting teeth.

There are many kinds of cat food prices. Natural food has a relatively better effect and is easy to store. Therefore, if possible, try to use this kind of food as the main food. Be sure to put clean drinking water next to your cat's dry food; some people think that cats don't drink water, which is wrong.

Canned cat food made of high-grade raw materials such as shrimp and fish has a wide variety, easy to choose and delicious taste, so it is more popular with cats than dry food. Some cans can be used as staple food cans, and some cans, such as most day cans, belong to the category of snack cans, which may cause nutritional imbalance as a staple food. It is best not to mix canned food with dry food, as it will cause great damage to the teeth and should be eaten separately. Cans are easy to store for a long time, but be aware that they can easily spoil after opening.

Half-cooked food is between food and canned food and is suitable for older cats.

Some good-quality cat food will add taurine. Cats cannot synthesize the amino acid taurine in their bodies. They can only be obtained by catching mice. Cats that are kept as companion pets have no conditions for catching mice. The lack of this amino acid in cats will affect night vision, so it is necessary to use good quality cat food.

Feeding method:

Cats will breastfeed until they are four weeks old. (It is best to consume breast milk until the full moon. In some countries such as the United States, it is recommended that cats eat breast milk with them within 2 to 3 months)

From the fourth week onwards, mix the cat milk with a little canned cat food in a shallow dish and heat to lukewarm (if microwaved, it will only take a few seconds, stir well after heating, as microwaves will not heat evenly ), let them try and get used to the smell of canned cat food, and slowly they eat from the pot. Gradually reduce cat milk and increase canned cat food.

After a week, you can add soft, dry kitten food to the bowl, gradually stop adding cat milk to the bowl, and reduce the amount of cat milk in the bottle until it runs out.

By the time the kittens are six weeks old, they should be eating their own kitten food and drinking water from a bowl.

The whole process should be done step by step, don't be in a hurry. (Don't use a cat food bowl that is too large for kittens. Experience has shown that kittens often use an oversized cat food bowl as a cat toilet, defecate or urinate in it, or eat directly from the cat food bowl.)

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