Future application trends and development of fully biodegradable bags

2022-09-08 13:35:34 bowen

PABT \ PLA corn starch material is more and more widely used, the fundamental reason is that the requirements of global environmental protection is getting stricter and stricter, the annual EU fines for environmental issues up to hundreds of billions, whether it is NIKE, Adi or, environmental issues are being paid more and more attention to, once a netizen joked that if you buy Nike shoes open glue, it means you are buying the genuine product, why would there be such a The paragraph is nothing more than the world’s top 500 industrial companies are paying attention to the impact of environmental protection, such as Nike shoes with glue is environmentally friendly glue, less chemical additives, then the benefits of doing so is to meet the environmental requirements, but the problem is that the shoes are easy to open glue, which also gives many Nike fans a headache.

  The Pearl River Delta region at present milk tea stores, such as hi tea, Nesher and other fast-moving products industry used paper cups, paper tubes are now in the application of biodegradable materials, the purpose is to adapt to the needs of environmental protection and respond to the government's call, large enterprises are always ahead of the developed and developing countries are very concerned about environmental issues, the EU will update the environmental protection-related indicators and algorithms every year, for the export of portable bags, the application of foreign Fast-moving products of plastic bags, basically the use of PABT/PLA compostable material production, although the current application is not very wide, but this is the future direction, the domestic currently can produce PABT/PLA environmental protection plastic bag factory is not a lot, most of the qualifications are not complete, in addition is the field of application, the formula is not very mature, in the groping stage, the next three to five years, the new round of plastic restrictions will be For the next three to five years, the new round of plastic restrictions will be a kind of impact on non-biodegradable materials, PE, PO, OPP class plastic bags will be less and less application scenarios, the group will not be in the positioning of high-end products, the future application of garment packaging plastic bags are basically biodegradable, while the use of PBAT/PLA will be more and more extensive.

  Bowen new materials as the Pearl River Delta regional packaging manufacturers, has been technology-driven company marketing, future energy and technology development will be developed in the direction of environmentally friendly materials, PABT / PLA is currently more mature materials, Bowen new materials with the production of research and development of new environmentally friendly materials to respond to the domestic and even international market application scenarios.