Vest bag---common plastic bag.

2022-09-26 10:04:22 Monica

  The vest bag, also known as the vest bag, is a kind of common plastic bag. It is named after its shape resembles a vest. The vest bag is simple to make and has a wide range of uses. It has become an indispensable necessity for people in daily life, providing people with great convenience, but it also causes environmental pollution. For this reason, the country issued a "plastic ban [1]" , Prohibit the production of single-sided vest bags below 2.5 filaments to limit the amount of vest bags.

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  Scope of application of vest bag:

  First, supermarkets and large shopping malls are generally divided into three sizes, large, medium and small, with relatively exquisite printing patterns and texts. The logos of chain stores across the country are required to be consistent, with high quality requirements and environmental protection.

  Second, community convenience stores have higher quality requirements, but they use a small number of them, and they also print LOGO, and also buy some unprinted recycled vest bags, some of which are not environmentally friendly, so it is not recommended.

  Thirdly, in the farmers market, basically all unfriendly vest bags are used. There are red, black and white, but most of them are not environmentally friendly. It will be gradually cancelled in the future.

  Production standards

  According to the "Plastic Ban Order" issued by the state, the thickness of the vest bag shall not be less than 0.025mm on one side.

Scope of application

Vest bags are widely used in people's daily life, the most common ones are supermarket shopping bags and bags used in various wholesale purchasing markets.