What is a book style cardboard box? What kind of product printing process can it do?

2022-09-26 11:24:06 Roro

To put it simply, it is similar to a book, and it is named because it is opened like a book and a flip book. It is a type of flip box, which consists of two parts: an inner box and a leather inner box, similar to up and bottom box. The outer shell is very delicate, put the magnet bag box on the flip cover, compact the inner box sticky leather shell, and the book-shaped box is completed. 

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1、What kind of printing process does such a book box have? Let's find out next.

Many products use the book-shaped box, which is indeed more high-end and atmospheric. The use of this type of plastic box in high-end products shows identity, and you have more face, and you can use it as a gift, so it is quite appropriate to choose a book-shaped box for gift packaging. We have seen some beautiful patterns on the outer shell of the book box, which are all printed. It is necessary to use mechanical equipment to process the design, which belongs to the beer pressing process, and then increase the bronzing process according to the needs of customers. 

The outer packaging is hot stamped, which will look more beautiful and high-quality. In addition to bronzing, the laminating process is also good, that is, a film is covered with a laminating machine on the surface, which is relatively water-resistant, stain-resistant and wear-resistant. The surface of some book-shaped boxes has a bumpy feeling when smeared. This is embossed printing. It is pressed into a concave and convex shape with a letterpress printing machine, and has a three-dimensional image and text. There is also a UV printing process, which produces a suede and matte effect on the outer packaging surface, making the outer packaging of the entire book box look more elegant and luxurious.

2、What kind of packaging is suitable for the book style cardboard box:

Due to the high quality of such packaging boxes, they are usually used to package high-quality goods, mostly in tea, wine, health care products, skin care products, imported fruits, desserts, gifts, etc. It is precisely because these types of goods require exquisite book-shaped box packaging that they can present the texture of the goods. Therefore, there will be more enterprises and institutions that consider using book-shaped box packaging when giving gifts or product packaging.


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