Garment zipper bag theoretical value and design guidance

2022-09-08 13:40:50 bowen

Garment zipper bag design has spoken several times, design is an important means of improving life and social potential, is with subjective thinking and objective practice. Overall, the objective practice will not take the initiative to meet the needs of consumers, only to play the subjective initiative, through the design practice activities, in order to change the law, so that the design of garment zipper bags due to their own value and market charm and generate the drive to promote and lead the benign development of society.

Therefore, design initiative is more reflected in the core use value, potential market value and benign social effects. On the core use value. The essence of design lies in the perfect integration of function and form and the formation of products suitable for consumer use.

It is actually with the charm and appeal of the design of the garment zipper bag to form an invisible “advertising language”, and through the invisible popularization of the way to lead the new social trend. That is, the “dynamism” of zipper bag design should always promote the good, normal and long-term development of society as the final point. Pay attention to Zhitu packaging, customize your exclusive.