Medical plastic bags

2022-09-26 15:06:16 Kristal

Medical waste refers to the direct or indirect infectious, toxic and hazardous waste generated by medical and health institutions in related activities such as medical treatment, prevention, and health care. Generally, infectious substances and sharp objects should not be mixed with other wastes for disposal. 

They should be packaged in special medical waste packaging bags and disposed of. 

The increasing amount of medical waste is also an important factor in hospital infection and environmental pollution. Therefore, if the management is lax and improperly handled, it will have adverse effects on the environment and the population.




1. The generated medical waste should be put into a special medical waste packaging bag, and the waste should not be taken out and the type of medical waste should be indicated. Medical waste generated by patients with infectious diseases should be double-packed and sealed in time. The packaging bags for medical waste should be sealed in time and placed in the turnover box to avoid the leakage of special garbage bags for medical waste, which may cause crowd and environmental pollution.




2. Commonly used medical waste packaging bags should be printed with medical waste logos, and clearly marked as medical waste or medical supplies bags. In this way, it is not only easy to distinguish and use, but also easier to distinguish and dispose of the garbage when it is finally disposed of, so as to ensure the health of environmental personnel.




At present, medical and health institutions will generate certain direct or indirect infections and other hazardous wastes in a series of activities such as treatment, prevention, health care, or other related activities. There are also strict requirements for the use of medical waste bags.


1. The waste bag should not penetrate, rupture, or perforate under normal use.


2. When using high-temperature heat treatment technology in medical waste bags, the packaging bags will not use polyvinyl chloride materials.


3. The capacity of the waste bag should be moderate, convenient, and easy to operate, so as to cooperate with the transportation of the turnover box.


4. Appearance quality of medical waste bags: The surface requires no stains and impurities, no wrinkles, and must be flat, and no scratches, pinholes, and other defects of air bubbles.

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