CPE frosted zipper garment bag

2022-10-06 14:19:55 Roro

CPE, the garment bags made of this material have good hardness, but the softness performance is relatively general. Generally, from the surface layer, it presents a matte appearance and has a frosted effect. The main thing is the load-bearing. Performance, the load-bearing performance of the garment bag itself made of CPE material is very objective. The pattern displayed by printing is relatively clear, acid and alkali resistant and resistant to many organic solvents. The insulation performance of the material itself is also very good, and it can still maintain a certain degree of toughness at low temperatures.

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSFrosted CPE plastic bags are usually made of double-sided CPE, and some are made of one side of PPE and one side of CPE. The following CPE plastic bags are made of double-sided CPE materials. CPE plastic bags are usually used for storage. clothing, such as T-shirts, socks, etc.

In addition, the CPE garment bag has a better privacy protection effect due to the frosted texture when storing intimate clothing such as underwear.

CPE scrub bags can not only hold clothes, socks, underwear, but also scarves, swimsuits and other clothing.

Why do many big brands choose to customize CPE zipper bags?

As a new material for clothing packaging bags, CPE frosted material has become a favorite in a short period of time. Why do many big brands favor CPE materials and choose to customize CPE zipper bags?

CPE bags have the following two main characteristics: frosted texture and soft characteristics. The advantages of these two CPE materials make many clothing brands choose it as the material of clothing zipper bags.

Next, I will explain the specific functions of these two advantages of CPE zipper bags.

1. Soft texture

The softness of the CPE bag is that the CPE zipper bag will not easily crease, unlike the pp self-adhesive bag or the pe zipper bag.

After a long time of use, after being moved, transported, etc., bags made of PP material or PE material will inevitably produce unsightly creases, which make customers feel that they are in stock when they get the clothing, which affects customers. mood and favorability of the brand.

CPE material solves this problem very well, and it is not easy to produce creases after repeated use and transportation, so that the packaging can always be kept in a new state, giving consumers a satisfactory shopping experience.

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

2. Matte texture

The matte texture of CPE is also one of its advantages. The hazy feeling of the matte makes customers eager to open and see how the clothes look. When the texture of the clothes exceeds expectations, there will be a sense of surprise, which in disguise increases the favorability of the brand.

The skin-like material of the CPE scrub bag also makes customers feel relaxed, and when the clothes are not as expected, there will be no serious resistance.


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