Perforated film zipper bag

2022-10-11 14:01:01 Roro

Polyethylene (PE), referred to as PE. It is a high molecular organic compound formed by addition polymerization of ethylene. Polyethylene is recognized as the best material in the world for food contact. Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, in line with food packaging hygiene standards. Polyethylene film, light and transparent, has the properties of moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, general air tightness, and excellent heat sealability. It is the most used and most important material for plastic packaging printing.


01: Brand new material bag, safe and tasteless

The PE surface is smooth and transparent, and the built-in items are clearly visible

The porous film surface is non-slip and wear-resistant, which is more high-end.

02: High-quality zipper head: The zipper is strictly prohibited, and adopts the concave-convex occlusion technology, which is durable and tightly sealed.

03: Ventilation hole design: The clothes will not be inflated when installed, preventing the items from becoming moldy due to humidity.

04: One side is transparent and the other side is perforated film: more beautiful and atmospheric, not bursting, and the bottom is firm at high temperature.

05: Strong ironing edge: high temperature and eager cutting, neat edges of the bag, no burrs, flat knife cutting and ironing, beautiful and atmospheric.

The new environmentally friendly PE material has toughness and softness, and is one of the preferred materials for clothing packaging bags.

Mainly used for clothing packaging, jewelry packaging, storage, shopping bags, etc., easy to use and beautiful.

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