What is co-extruded film? What are the characteristics and applications?

2022-10-17 10:00:47 Rowling

What is co-extruded film? What are the characteristics and applications?

Co-extrusion film is a composite film formed by compounding substrates with different properties through multi-layer co-extrusion technology. It is a one-time molding technology process, which can comprehensively utilize the properties of various substrates to meet the design requirements of different social functions of flexible packaging.

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Outstanding advantages:

1 From the performance point of view, the advantages of co-extruded film are: high oxidation resistance, good moisture resistance, good aroma retention; high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance; in line with food and drug packaging hygiene standards; good flexibility and transparency.

②From the point of view of processing and production technology and cost, the main contents of the advantages of co-extruded film include: not limited by product specifications, it can meet the needs of different packaging occasions; the more layers, the more flexible the structural system design, The lower the cost, the lower the production cost.

Application field:

1. Partial replacement of composite membrane

Co-extruded film can be used to replace part of the structure of composite film. For example, the composite film material with PA/PE interlayer can be replaced by PA/PE co-extruded film; the composite film with high barrier packaging structure can not only be replaced by co-extruded film containing EVOH. Especially for products with high barrier properties such as juice, ketchup, jelly, etc., the use of functional co-extruded film packaging can prevent discoloration and odor problems.

2. For automatic packaging machine

Structural design of co-extruded films commonly used in automatic packaging machines First of all, the application technology of co-extruded films and automatic packaging machines can reduce the labor relationship intensity of artificial intelligence packaging in enterprises. One automatic packaging machine can be equipped with three production managers. This is equivalent to the labor intensity of 15 to 20 production personnel when using manual packaging, which not only reduces the difficulty of recruitment, but also reduces labor costs.

Secondly, the co-extrusion film can be automatically filled on the automatic packaging machine, reducing the secondary pollution caused by manual packaging of products with high health and safety requirements such as food and medicine.

3. Used as a buffer packaging for electrical and electronic products

As the buffer packaging design of the company's products, the co-extruded film has outstanding advantages. Such cushioning packaging is also known as "inflatable packaging". The material used for the film should have a good mechanical system properties, such as puncture resistance, extrusion resistance, good barrier properties, oil resistance, light resistance, etc., which requires the development of a combination of polymer nanoparticles with different enterprise properties .

4. Used as a vacuum packaging bag

The packaging of aquatic products, seafood, rice and other products should meet the requirements of anti-puncture and anti-fall. The real packaging bag made of co-extruded film can meet the above-mentioned requirements of the enterprise by adjusting the proportion of polymer particles.

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