Why is the special-shaped box beautiful, but the sales are not large?

2022-10-17 10:34:58 Roro

1. It cannot be mass-produced, and the cost of custom-made packaging boxes is too high, which is likely to cause "excessive packaging".

After studying the special-shaped box, I found that either it could not be produced in large quantities, or the cost of mass production was too high, which exceeded the value of the product itself, and was completely "overpacked". If a box cannot be mass-customized, then the product cannot be widely promoted. That kind of special-shaped box can only be used as a gift, and the production of three or five hundred, or even less. In addition, the special-shaped box, due to the difficulty of machine production, requires manual production, the process is cumbersome, the quality control cannot be well guaranteed, and the production cost is also very high. Packaging box customization manufacturers often say that the materials used for packaging boxes are not expensive, but they are all expensive in the labor processing fee, which is the reason.

Second, the production of special-shaped boxes requires some additional accessories.

Such as some lanterns, grass clippings, metal pendants, music boxes, puppets and so on. Manufacturers of customized packaging will not stock some raw materials. Most of the raw materials of packaging boxes are "squeamish" and cannot stand the slightest "moisture". The need for too many additional accessories will delay the construction period.

3. There are very few types of products that can be applied.

Most of the special-shaped boxes are used as packaging boxes for seasonal gifts, such as moon cakes, rice dumplings, business gifts, etc. It is difficult to popularize the popular product category.

Fourth, the workmanship is complicated, and the machine cannot be used. It is difficult to grasp the quality control. It needs to be produced manually or even by feeling.

In fact, there are some design ideas for the special-shaped box that can be used for reference. The simplified packaging box is still very beautiful after being customized, and it can be produced on a large scale, and the price is relatively much lower. Dianchuang also said before that when the packaging box is customized, the appearance design should not only consider the exquisite appearance and strange appearance, but also consider the practicality, safety, production and other issues of the box.

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