What is OPP bag?

2022-10-17 10:44:22 Roro

OPP bag is a kind of plastic bag, the material is polypropylene, bidirectional polypropylene, which is characterized by easy burning, melting and dripping, yellow on the top and blue on the bottom, less smoke after leaving the fire, and continues to burn.

OPP (Oriented polypropylene): Oriented polypropylene (film), a type of polypropylene and bidirectional polypropylene (BOPP)

O(Oriented): should mainly refer to the production process

PP (polypropylene):, polypropylene. It can be used as general structural parts, corrosion-resistant chemical equipment parts, and heated electrical insulation parts.

Features and Benefits:

It has the characteristics of high transparency and brittleness. The OPP single piece is folded in half to seal the side and a self-adhesive seal is attached to the opening tongue. When using it, put the product into the product and tear off the protective skin on the surface of the seal, then fold the tongue in half and stick it firmly. Easy to use, beautiful and generous, widely used in clothing, food, printing, stationery, cosmetics, paper and other industries. It can also print various patterns and punch butterfly holes and plane holes according to customer needs.

OPP film has distinct advantages:

1. Good sealing. The experimental data shows that the sealing performance of the new OPP film is more than double that of its traditional film, so that the product has stronger moisturizing, fresh-keeping and longer storage time;

Second, strong anti-counterfeiting. The synthetic technology and special printing technology used in the new film have high technological content. Only Germany and Japan have mastered this technology, and it is almost impossible to counterfeit it, which provides a strong guarantee for the anti-counterfeiting of goods;

3. The raw materials used in the new OPP membrane are degradable materials, so it fully conforms to relevant international standards in terms of environmental protection.

Main products of OPP:

1. OPP tape: Based on polypropylene film, it has the advantages of high tensile strength, light weight, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, and a wide range of applications.

2. OPP bottle: light weight, low cost, improved transparency, good heat resistance, suitable for hot filling. Bidirectional polypropylene (OPP) transparent bottles have become an alternative to PET bottles.

3. opp ziplock bag: high transparency, smooth and stylish after packaging, easy to use. The OPP film is folded in half and the side is sealed, and a self-adhesive strip is attached to the open tongue. When using, put the product into the product and tear off the protective film on the surface of the seal, and then fold the tongue in half and stick it firmly. It is beautiful and generous, and is widely used in clothing. , food, stationery and other industries.

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