Vest bag

2022-10-25 09:49:00 Roro

There are many types of plastic bags, and we see a lot in our lives. There is also a commonly used bag called "vest bag". 

As the name suggests, this bag looks very cute, with high handles on both sides. , shaped like a vest. 

The vest bag can be said to be one of the most commonly used plastic bags. It is thicker and more flexible than ordinary thin bags, and has a stronger bearing capacity. It is often used as a paid shopping bag in supermarkets. It is divided into three types: small, medium and large. . The vest bag is not easy to tear, because it is relatively thick, so it is often not used once, but will be used repeatedly to carry items.

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Many people are used to calling vest bags a vest bag, and these names are defined by their appearance. In addition to the high protruding handles on both sides of the vest bag, there are also small round holes in the middle of the handles, that is, the middle and upper positions of the bag. Pull it down, so the material at the small hole position of the string is much thinner than the material of the bag itself. Items with some weight, such as fruits and vegetables, are usually weighed in vest bags, while disposable plastic bags with light and thin materials are not suitable for heavy items.

Vest bags are mostly used in supermarkets, small shops and other places, so vest bags are rarely advertised. Usually, supermarkets will print the name, address, telephone number and service slogan of the supermarket when customizing the vest bags, which is convenient for spreading among consumers. Thereby expanding the reputation and popularity. The custom-made plastic bag model allows almost all merchants to have their own vest bags, which not only serves consumers, but also shows the characteristics of the products, and has a unique brand recognition, which can be said to serve multiple purposes. The small vest bag shows the wisdom of daily consumption, and also caters to the common people's psychological needs for convenience and speed in production and life. Although the bag is small, the function it carries is obvious to all. Can't leave.