Introduction to the classification of handbags

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Introduction to the classification of handbags

Common packaging products can be divided into

1, Packing box: carton, micro tile, pow, heavy tile, honeycomb cardboard, display stand

2, Packing box: color box, cardboard box, micro-corrugated box

3, Packing bags: non-woven bags, color-coated non-woven bags, plastic vest bags, white cardboard handbags, environmentally friendly kraft paper bags

4, Packaging bottle: plastic bottle, glass bottle, ordinary bottle, crystal bottle

5. Packaging cans: tin cans, aluminum cans, glass cans, paper cans

6, Packaging tube: hose, composite hose, plastic hose, aluminum tube

7. Other packaging containers: trays, paper labels, paper partitions, tapes, bottle seals, nozzles, metal caps,

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Different angles form a variety of classification methods

1. According to the role in the circulation process, packaging can be divided into sales packaging and transportation packaging

2. According to the packaging structure, packaging can be divided into: body packaging, blister packaging, heat shrink packaging, convenient packaging, tray packaging, collective packaging, etc.

3. According to the packaging texture, it can be divided into: rigid packaging, flexible packaging

4. According to the number of times the packaging is used, it can be divided into: packaging, reusable packaging

5. According to the classification of the packaged products, it can be divided into: food packaging, chemical product packaging, toxic goods packaging, fragile goods packaging, 6, flammable goods packaging, handicraft packaging, home appliance packaging, miscellaneous goods packaging, etc. Different products have different requirements for packaging, and some special products also have corresponding packaging regulations.

7. According to the classification of sales objects, packaging is divided into: export packaging, domestic packaging, and civilian packaging

8. According to the packaging method, the packaging is divided into: vacuum inflatable packaging, controlled atmosphere packaging, deoxygenation packaging, moisture-proof packaging, soft can packaging, aseptic packaging, thermoforming packaging, heat shrink packaging, buffer packaging, etc.

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