Material and bag type of pet food packaging bag

2022-11-01 14:30:27 Roro


The cat food/dog food packaging bag is made of plastic material, which has barrier properties, heat resistance and airtightness. It can prevent food spoilage, that is, prevent the oxidation of vitamins in food. Generally, multi-layer plastic composites are selected, and the common ones include: PET/AL/PE, PET/NY/PE, PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE, PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/NY/AL /RCPP, high temperature dry retort bag wet food, soft can packaging, etc.

We found that in the plastic composite co-extrusion film, aluminum foil will be composited, because aluminum foil packaging bags have good barrier properties. Block air, block sunlight, block grease, block moisture, almost all substances cannot penetrate; aluminum foil packaging bags have good air tightness; aluminum foil packaging bags have excellent shading properties, as well as good oil resistance and softness.

Anyone who has raised pets should know that whether it is cat food or dog food, direct contact with the sun should be minimized. If it is in contact with the sun for a long time, it will cause it to deteriorate.

In a cool place, it will deteriorate and mold after a period of time, so aluminum foil is used for most pet treat packaging.

Bag type:

Common bag types for pet food packaging include three-side sealing, four-side sealing, eight-side sealing, stand-up bags, special-shaped bags, etc.

1. Three-side seal

From the bag type, the three-side sealing bag is the simplest and most common. It has good air tightness, excellent moisturizing and sealing performance; high barrier degree, extremely low oxygen and moisture permeability; strong ability to prevent moisture and mildew. The bag is simple and cost-effective, and is often used in small-sized cat food and dog food packaging bags.

2. Four-side seal

The four-side sealing bag has high adaptability and stability. The four-side sealing bag packs the product into a cube, with good packaging effect. It can be used for food preservation and is suitable for multiple recycling. Using a new printing process, it can highlight the pattern and trademark of the packaging, and the visual effect is outstanding. The four-side sealing bag is resistant to cooking, moisture-proof, and has a good vacuum effect.

Moreover, compared with the eight-side seal, the four-side seal is cheaper and more cost-effective.

3. Octagonal seal

The eight-sided seal is the most common bag type in pet treats. It can stand stably, which is conducive to shelf display. There are eight printing layouts. The product information display is more complete, and customers can understand the product at a glance. Unique appearance, beware of counterfeiting, easy for consumers to identify, and conducive to brand building. The flat-bottomed eight-side sealing bag has large capacity and strong bearing capacity, and is suitable for the packaging of products with large weight and volume. Large-volume pet treats typically use eight-sided sealed bags.

4. Stand up bag

The stand-up packaging bag has excellent sealing performance and strength of composite materials, is not easy to break and leak, has the advantages of light weight, low material consumption, and easy transportation. Stand-up pouches are used in pet snack packaging, which can be more conveniently displayed on the shelf.

5. Special-shaped bag

We all know that pet treats are mostly used for cute little animals such as cats and dogs. Therefore, food packaging bags can be designed in the shape of cartoon pets to increase the fun, remind consumers of their own pets, and establish emotional connections with consumers. .

In addition, the common specifications of pet food packaging are 500 grams, 1.5 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, etc. Small size packaging is ready to eat, safer and healthier, but the unit price is higher. Therefore, large-scale pet food is more popular in the market. However, after opening a large bag of cat food, it is difficult to use it up in a short time, so it involves the problem of cat food storage. If cat food is not stored properly, it is prone to nutrient loss, deterioration, moisture and other problems. Therefore, the packaging bag is usually equipped with a zipper, which can be opened repeatedly, which is more convenient and hygienic.

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