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Self-sealing bags refer to packaging bags that can be automatically sealed by pressing.

Zipper ziplock bag (also known as compact bag, there are sticker bags, airtight bags, ziplock bags, keel bags, English: Ziplock bags, Reclosable Bag, Zipper Closure Bag, Resealable Bag), with polyethylene (LDPE) and high-voltage wire Polyethylene (LLDPE) is a kind of plastic bag that can be resealed by blowing film molding and hot-cutting machine-made bags. Common materials are PE, EVA, PO, multi-layer composite zipper bags, etc.

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Ziplock bags can be used for the inner and outer packaging of various small items (ornaments, hardware, toys). The ziplock bags produced with food-grade raw materials can store all kinds of small food, tea, seafood, etc., moisture-proof, odor-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, and prevent things from being scattered; zip-lock bags can also be used for packaging of clothing and other daily necessities.  Self-sealing bags can be produced by adding anti-static masterbatch during film blowing production, which are generally used in the electronics industry.

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Production process editing broadcast

There are two kinds of production of zippered self-sealing bags. One is direct film blowing. Above the self-sealing mouth is generally 1.8CM, and it is thicker near the self-sealing mouth. The method of attaching the clip chain, the latter method is mainly used in the production of composite bags.

The production of self-adhesive self-sealing bags is mainly made of a single film cross-cut, heat-sealed on both sides, the length of the front and back of the bag is different, one side is 3-5cm longer than the other side, and the part can be folded back. When using colloids such as sex glue, tear off the plastic cover on the colloid and fold it back to seal the bag.

The following are the common specifications and dimensions of the ziplock bag. The thickness is generally 0.03mm on one side, also known as 3 wire, 3s, and 0.03mm~0.2mm, etc., and different thicknesses can be produced according to different needs.

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