What material is the packaging bag of the mask?

2022-11-01 15:44:05 Roro

What material is the packaging bag of the mask?

The first type: matte film/aluminized/PE, the mask packaging bag made of this material is the most common combination of materials on the market. The surface of the mask packaging bag belongs to the kind of frosted effect. Customers prefer this kind of frosted feeling, and the competitiveness of the market will also be greatly improved.

The second type: PET/AL/PE, the biggest sensory difference from the first type is that the surface of the second type of packaging bag has a bright effect and will reflect light, while the first type is frosted.

The third type: dumb film/PET/AL/PE, the third type of composite packaging bag is less, because the quality of the packaging bag of this material will be very high, of course, the price will be much higher, therefore, for customer requirements For high quality requirements, the third one is more suitable.

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