Gift box

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Gift box

As a leading supplier of gift packaging boxes in China, Shanghai DE Packaging and Printing produces various gift boxes and gift boxes, including moon cake gift boxes, rice dumpling gift boxes, New Year gift boxes, Tiandi cover gift boxes, jewelry boxes, packaging boxes, etc.

Heaven and Earth Cover Gift Box

Tiandi lid gift box is a popular gift packaging carton style, the English name is lift-off lid rigid box. The box consists of two separate and unconnected parts, the upper lid and the lower bottom box. The Apple mobile phone iPhone packaging box is a typical heaven and earth cover gift box shape.

Tiandi cover gift box, gift box

Ordinary Heaven and Earth Cover Gift Box

Shoulder and neck type heaven and earth cover gift box, gift box

Shoulder Neck Cover Gift Box

Long-shaped heaven and earth cover gift box, gift box

Long sky and earth cover gift box

The bottom box and the lid are at the same height, such as the iPhone case, which is the most common gift box with a lid. There are many variations of the heaven and earth lid gift box, and sometimes the lid height is only half or one-third the height of the bottom box. In addition, there is also a shoulder-neck type heaven and earth cover gift box with a slightly complicated structure. There is a layer of surround inside the bottom box, which extends out of the bottom box, similar to the shoulders and neck of a person. This kind of gift box has a wide variety of patterns and can be processed by various processes. The grade is also relatively high-end and expensive.

The advantages of Tiandi cover gift cartons are as follows:

Simple structure, suitable for rapid mass production in assembly line;

Less manual work, affordable price;

The assembly is convenient and concise, saving labor and time;

book-type gift box

The book-shaped gift box is shaped like a book, and the action of opening the lid is like opening the cover of a book, and you can immediately see the goods in the box. The front panel of the gift box that lifts the lid is either pasted with Velcro, or embedded with a circular magnet; the opening of the box is perfectly sealed with the help of the Velcro or the suction of the magnet. Therefore, the book-shaped gift box is also called a magnet gift box (English name, magnet closure rigid box), or a velcro closure rigid box, or a shell-shaped gift box.

Book-shaped gift box, flip cover with magnet gift box, gift box

Flip lid with magnet gift box

Book-shaped gift box, special-shaped gift box

Book Type Gift Box

Shell type gift box, gift paper box

Shell type gift box

drawer gift box

Drawer-type gift box, English name, sliding rigid box, similar to a matchbox, also known as a matchbox-type gift box, open the box by pulling the drawer. According to whether the two ends of the box are open, the ladder-type gift box is divided into two situations. The first case is like a matchbox with openings at both ends; the second case has only one opening, and the drawer box has a handle made of ribbon, which is convenient for customers to open the box.

drawer-type gift box, drawer-type gift packaging carton

Ribbon Handle Drawer Gift Box

Folding cardboard box, match-type cardboard box

Match-type cardboard box, gift box

Drawer-type gift box, gift box

drawer gift box

The drawer-type gift paper box in the picture below is open at both ends, which is the same as the matchbox. The box can be opened from the left side or the right side. The face paper of the box is the high-grade special paper Federigoni siri denim series, with pure spot color and luxurious texture.

Matchbox-type or drawer-type stationery gift box

Matchbox-type or drawer-type stationery gift box

foldable gift box

The collapsible gift box, the English name is collapsible rigid box, is the same as the cardboard box. In the warehousing and logistics process, it is folded and laid flat for transportation, and folded and formed on the assembly line. In the face of increasingly high shipping and storage costs, foldable gift boxes are becoming more and more popular. Especially for overseas customers, the gift box is folded and packed flat, which greatly reduces the volume of the goods, thereby reducing the price of sea freight. Despite this, the production process of foldable gift boxes is cumbersome, with high technology content, and more hand-made designs are designed. The cost is relatively common and the cost is relatively expensive.

foldable gift box, paper box, gift box

foldable gift box

foldable gift box, gift packing box, paper box

Small size foldable gift box

gift box with magnet closure, foldable gift box

Foldable gift box with magnet closure

gift carton for display

The gift display carton is a gift packaging box that can be used for product display. It has a variety of shapes, or hollow windows, or a unique structure. The following is a display carton with a fully customized sky and earth cover gift box structure. The EVA lining in the bottom box is die-cut with circular grooves to fix the goods inside.

Display gift box, gift paper box, gift packaging box

Gift Display Box Lid

Heaven and earth cover gift box with EVA lining for display

Bottom Box for Gift Display Box

document storage gift box

Document storage gift box, English name archive rigid box, is a gift packaging carton for storing important and valuable documents. Shanghai DE Packaging makes various customized document storage gift boxes according to customer needs.

Document storage carton, gift box, gift box

High-end document storage gift box

The logo on the outside of the document storage box in the picture is hot-stamped with pearl white, and the inner box is printed with spot color yellow, which is used for the document storage of a large real estate company.

The sealing method of gift box-magnet | Velcro | Ribbon

There are three common sealing methods for gift boxes, magnets, Velcro, and ribbons. The magnet-sealed gift box has a round magnet with strong magnetic force embedded inside the lifted lid, while the velcro gift box has a white or black round velcro pasted on the lifted lid. The foldable gift box is a very classic sticker-sealed gift box. In gift box packaging, ribbons are often used for the handle of the inner box of the drawer-type gift box, the seal of the book-type gift box, or the special-shaped gift box, and knotted into beautiful various bows.

Ribbon Sealed Gift Box

Ribbon Sealed Gift Box

rigid paper box with velcro closure, cardboard gift box, gift paper box

Velcro Seal Gift Box

rigid paper box with magnet closure, cardboard gift box, gift paper box

Magnet Sealed Gift Box

As a leading packaging gift box manufacturer in Shanghai, we carefully select our raw material suppliers, paper, gray board, lining, and other suppliers, and strictly control the quality to ensure the product quality of gift boxes. ESKA Graphic Board, domestically known as frog gray board is one of our most used grayboard products. Frog gray board has stable physical and chemical structural properties. It has excellent flattening performance in various extreme environments and process links and is not easy to deform. It is very suitable for large-scale industrial production line production and processing.

High hardness, strong resistance

Excellent flatness, no deformation

Smooth surface, easy to paste

Excellent processing performance, easy to die-cut, slot, punch, bump

Suitable for high-speed production and processing of machine lines

Frog grey board, gift carton making

ESKA Board

Gift box-making material - grayboard

ESKA Graphic Board

Make a drawer-shaped gift box with a frog gray board

Drawer-type gift box

The lining of gift wrapping carton

The lining of the gift box is used to fix and protect the goods to prevent the goods from being damaged or broken during transportation. Common linings are blister, foam, EVA, silk, etc. For EVA inner lining, the common colors are black, gray, and white. EVA with different densities has a different hardness, and the surface is smooth and smooth. The printed colored paper cards can be pasted on the surface of EVA and die-cut together to keep the overall tone design of the gift box consistent.

Below is a watch packaging gift box with EVA lining. The inner lining is divided into two layers. The upper EVA lining is 13mm thick, the die-cut knife hole is used to fix the watch, and the 1mm thick EVA sheet is used for buffer protection. The surface of the upper layer of EVA is pasted with a special medium and high-grade white card to be consistent with the overall design of the box.

Watch gift box, EVA lining

Watch gift box, white EVA lining

The lining in the gift box below is black EVA, with flocking cardboard pasted on it, which feels smooth and has velvety luxury quality.

Gift carton with flocking effect on EVA

Gift carton with flocking effect on EVA

For electronic product packaging gift boxes, the demand is often large. At this time, the blister is a very wise choice. The cost of molds made by blister molding is high. When the order quantity is small, the single cost is relatively high, but when mass-produced, the cost of abrasive tools can be ignored.

gift carton blister lining

The material of the blister is either PS or PVC, and the thickness is directly selected from 0.3mm to 0.6mm in most cases. There are various choices of blister, flocking, and so on. Refer to the blister in the gift box above.

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