Characteristics and uses of CPP transparent packaging bags

2022-11-08 14:59:34 Roro

CPP film is cast polypropylene film, also known as unstretched polypropylene film. It is used in various packaging bags. According to different uses, it can be divided into general CPP film, aluminized CPP film and cooking grade CPP (Retort CPP, Referred to as RCPP) film and so on.

CPP is a polypropylene (PP) film produced by a cast extrusion process in the plastics industry. This type of film is different from BOPP (bidirectional polypropylene) film and is a non-oriented film. Strictly speaking, CPP films only have some orientation in the machine direction (MD) direction, mainly due to the nature of the process. Excellent clarity and finish on the film by rapid cooling on chill rolls.

The primary properties of CPP films include:

Compared with other films such as LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PET, PVG, etc., the cost is lower and the output value is higher: higher stiffness than PE film: excellent moisture and odor barrier properties: multi-purpose, can be used as composite material base film:- Metallizable: Excellent demonstration as food and commodity packaging and outer packaging, keeping the commodity clearly visible under the package.

CPP film is printed and bagged, suitable for:

1. (Composite film) Garment, knitwear and flower packaging bags; documents and photo album films; food packaging. 

2. (Aluminized film) Metallized film for barrier packaging and decoration. After vacuum aluminum plating, it can be combined with BOPP, BOPA and other substrates to be used for high-grade packaging of tea, fried crispy food, biscuits, etc. 

3. (Cooking film) CPP has excellent heat resistance. Because the softening point of PP is about 140°C, this type of film can be used in hot filling, retort pouches, aseptic packaging and other fields. In addition, it has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and grease resistance, making it the first choice material in the fields of bread commodity packaging or lamination materials. It is safe to touch with food, has excellent demonstration performance, does not affect the flavor of the food inside, and can choose resins of different grades to obtain the required characteristics.

4. (functional film, also called special film) potential uses also include: food packaging, candy packaging (twisted conjunctival film), medicine packaging (infusion bag), replacing PVC in photo albums, folders and documents, synthetic paper, Sticker tape, business card holder, ring folder and stand-up bag composite. 

5. The new market of CPP, such as DVD and audio and video box packaging, bakery and pastry packaging, vegetable and fruit anti-fog film and flower packaging, as well as synthetic paper for labels.