Fully biodegradable plastic bags, leading the development of environmental protection

2022-11-16 10:34:44 Roro

Fully biodegradable plastic bags, leading the development of environmental protection

How did plastic bags become today's fully biodegradable plastic bags? When it comes to plastic bags, this is a great invention of our last century, and it is also an invention that damages the environment. It is great because it is better waterproof, more stable, and can use a small amount of materials to create a storage space, allowing us humans to place items better, and it is much more cost-effective than previous baskets. But it is said to damage the environment because the components of plastics cannot be decomposed naturally in nature, so the more they are used, the more impurities and toxic substances will be produced, which will lead to air deterioration and affect the ecological environment.

Because of this, we have also undergone long-term improvement and transformation of plastic bags over the years. The production of relatively new fully biodegradable plastic bags marks that our plastic bags have transformed from the original toxic residues to be able to Items that cause less impact on the environment. So, what is a fully biodegradable plastic bag?

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The principle of fully biodegradable plastic bags:


In fact, biodegradation means that the material is continuously discharged from the body during the process of tissue growth through dissolution, enzymolysis, and phagocytosis in the organism. The repaired tissue completely replaces the position of the implanted material, and the material does not exist in the body. nature. That is to say, even after plastic bags are discarded, they can be combined with nature to form a body, dissolved and swallowed by nature, and disappear without a trace. It will not have a great impact on the environment. Even the current biodegradation skills are directly used on the human body. Some metal implants in the human body are biodegradable, so that the body mechanism and metal can be combined together, and it will not have adverse effects on the human body.

The scope of application of fully biodegradable plastic bags:


Fully biodegradable plastic bags are often used in food packaging. Its appearance also marks the importance we humans attach to environmental protection, and also lays a solid foundation for our human beings to protect the environment.

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