PE Plastic Bags

2022-11-22 10:39:44 Roro

How to check the appearance and quality of PE plastic bags? Here, we will introduce you how to check the appearance and quality of PE plastic bags.

PE plastic bags are everywhere, such as shopping in supermarkets, grocery shopping, food packaging, shopping for clothes, etc., plastic bags are indispensable everywhere. How much do you know about such an indivisible thing? What is its material called? How thick is the bag? What does thickness represent?

Bags made of plastic, the commonly used plastics are polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon and so on. Because of its low price, light weight, large capacity, and easy storage, it is widely used; however, due to its long degradation cycle and difficult handling, its production and use have been banned in some countries.

The measurement unit of plastic bag thickness is usually expressed in microns, and the formula is converted into: 1 mm (mm) = 10 microns (dmm) = 100 mm (cmm) = 1000 microns (umm). The government stipulates that the thickness of plastic bags in supermarkets should not be less than 0.025 mm, that is, 0.25 wire, 2.5 mm (also known as 2.5 wire). The English word silk is silk.

For example, the thickness of the transparent single side of the vest bag is generally 2 wires, 3 wires, or even smaller. Garment bags are generally as thin as 5 wires and as thick as 12 wires. It's hard to say, the thickest one I've come into contact with so far is 16 wire. All in all, the bigger the bag and the more stuff it packs, the thicker it needs to be. Small food packaging bags are generally 8 filaments or more, and most of the materials used are polyethylene films, which are non-toxic and can hold food.

PVC film is made of PVC. PVC itself is non-toxic, and additives are added according to its use. It has certain toxicity and cannot hold food. How to distinguish PVC from PVC?

Polyethylene film (non-toxic):

The film is milky white, translucent, smooth to the touch, like a wax layer on the top, shake hard, the sound will be brittle, flammable in case of fire, the flame is yellow, there is mucus dripping when burning, and the smell of candle burning.

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